All Sky Camera Software

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 11:10 - Vern

All sky camera software enables the user to sample the sky at periodic intervals, analyze the images for motion, and transfer the images and data to a web service. It may useful to weather watchers, amateur astronomers, and others who have an interest in observing the sky and objects as it provides and excellent way to check sky conditions at local or remote locations. The all software utilizes the OpenCV computer vision and machine learning library to capture, process, and analyze video from an all sky camera. Details on how to install the OpenCV software are provided for recent versions of the Ubuntu® and Microsoft Windows® operating systems. The allsky camera software will be presented in a series of examples. The first example, called "VidRecord", captures live video from an all sky camera and periodically saves the images or records to a video file. The second example, "Motion detection example" will be available shortly... (VR - well its May 2019 and over 6 years have went by -- maybe I'll actually get back to this summer!)